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(SOLD) Brand new Focus ST CP-E motor mounts.

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For sale all three brand new CPE motor mounts for 2013-2016 Focus ST. The rear is the stage 2 mount and the drivers and passengers mount are 55A durometer. Looking for $700 shipped for all three. Saving your $200 when including shipping
Stock photos for reference.

Condition: All brand new.
Location: Navarre Ohio 44662
Price: $700
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Just Saying....

E. Picture of item for sale or for trade MUST CONTAIN (within the same picture) a sheet of paper with the following on it:
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Looking to sale just the rear motor mount?
Message sent.
PM sent
I might be willing to take the other 2 (Passenger/Driver) Mounts if the price is right....
Ok Rmm by itself $200 shipped. Psmm and driver mm $500 for the pair shipped.
PM Sent
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