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I'm on the same boat. Mods: FRPP tune, FRPP intake, FsWerks Short shifter, Cobb Motor mount, rear sway, Depo 3.5 intercooler. I went 14.3-14.4 @ 100 mph. I was completely disappointed. I listened to some advice Djformoney (which is much appreciated!) gave me. I removed the seats, lowered air in the tire, launched at 2800 rpm.... 14.2 @ 99.87 mph , 2.24 60 ft =/ (which is as good as its going to get on street tires). This car just has not responded. Now im thinking if spending money on a COBB AP would be worth it. Will there even be gains to be had??? is spending 700 on an AP and custom tune, 300 for a down pipe, trashing my FRPP warranty (for what its worth) to net MAYBE 3 mph and MAYBE a 13.8- 14.00 flat or maybe ont even see a gain but see the same numbers? then 700 hundred more for slicks/drag radials. 1700 more for a 13.5? and still not be able to beat most other modded hot hatches. Now a bigger turbo? add 2400 more...4 grand. Im just kinda disappointed, (albiet a really fun car) and i wasnt expecting miracles but a good tune and an inter-cooler should of netted a 13.6 on every one of our cars but it only seems that a handful seem to respond well to tunes. Now im thinking of just putting that money to what i owe and trading her in =/. I wish i could put up #'s like Djformoney, but have yet to see a single ST break 14.00 here in SA, and ive been to the strip about 4 times now
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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