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I don't think either of you are really listening to what I am saying and then you want to spend EVEN more money on power mods without solving the core issue?

Slicks @10-12 psi cold
Launch RPM 4000-4300 rpm

Best 60' time = 1.76

Average 60' = 1.79

Best trap is 102.67 mph

All passes on slicks, only one without and that was [email protected] or something I had all my gear in the car (slicks, jack, can of VP fuel) as they made me take a qualifying run while in the lane to get tech'ed.

I've made a few passes on WMI as well, best was [email protected]

The entire time I have run with all the seats in, only the spare/jack/tool removed. I've run recently without the backseats and foam surround removed but it was low 90's all day, still on the stock inter-cooler and my WMI has stopped working (wiring, pump or controller, don't know yet) = 13.5(34), 13.5(85) and 13.5(31) in the last qualifying session before eliminations all back to back to back runs 15 or so mins apart.

Once I get my water-methanol system back up and running we'll see if I can get a 12 second ET out it, but I really didn't buy it for that.

  • SCT X4 Used $200 (Found on Craigslist)
  • M&H Slicks $230 Each Summit Racing (2)
  • Konig Wheels $125 Each America's Tire Store (2)
  • Unleashed Tune (E30, E40 and several adjustments since) $150 not including tips
  • Cobb DP $599 (Sold $300 b/c of Poor Fitment)
  • Mountune Intake $349 (doesn't help not will later)
  • Thermal R&D DP + Cat-Back $0
  • AEM Water Injection $386 Amazon

If you have seen some of the post I have made I have dropped hints and even said exactly what I was going to do next.

Phase Two has begun...
Hey, not to change the subject or anything, but how is the turbo smart WGA compared to fully tightening the preload on the stock piece? Right now I have my stock WG fully loaded and deff well worth it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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