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Sith Racing Fender Braces

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Anybody installed these? From 1 to OMG how much did it improve handling characteristics. Would I be better off with a front sway bar? They look like they may be moderately challenging to install.
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You have to remove the side skirts to remove the fenders.

Sent from another garage.
Are there any tests to show this does anything?

If you EVER see any sort of salt, I would totally avoid this since it'll introduce a rust location no matter how well you paint it.
Subaru folks had a similar mod like this. The Japan only STi had it factory, and at some point the US model STi got it, but there were a number of aftermarket units that came out too. Some a simple two point brace, some 3 point braces.

That said, you're triangulating the chassis to improve rigidity. That can equate to a number of things, but easiest is probably better turn-in and some suspension benefits. After about 17 minutes in the car, those gains will be forgotten. :p It's one of those mods that are final pieces, crème de la crème, icing on the cake. Not a foundational piece. There are so many other soft squishy bits to address before you do those IMO. bushings, swaybars, coilovers with a good camber plate, performance alignments, etc...
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