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Short drive with Injen exhaust and Stratified pops

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I see people asking about the Stratified pops on normal driving. So last night when i picked up my son from his job (McDonalds, but hey he is working and just turned 17) I decided to pick up the GoPro and record the drive. Its about 35* when it was recorded, car sat for 2 days so nice and cold. I never took it over 2500 rpm and never got into boost on the way there. For me this is normal driving until its at least 160* on the oil temp.

On the way home i got on it a little, as you can hear, the Stratified TC kicked in through 2nd gear, and i took it to 4865 (according to AP)in third. AP read 18.5 psi i didnt know this was a result lol

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I ask because I kinda want to try the medium pops but don't want it to be annoying.
I have the V2 pops (V2 is the loudest, V3 is medium) on a catted downpipe and stock exhaust. You can hear it on every overrun, although most of the time the pops are barely noticeable. Certainly isn't annoying but it does sound fabricated much of the time.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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