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Shipping time from RedLine Accessories?

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Those of you that have ordered shift boots, etc. from RedLine Accessories - how long did it take to receive? They show they shipped January 11, with expected delivery on the 21st. USPS tracking info and calls to the USPS indicate that the package is either still in Poland, or stuck in customs. Redline's website shows my order status as "received by customer". My contact at RedLine is telling me to be patient and that their tracking shows the package has left Poland. Trying to be patient, but I don't like the fact that I'm getting conflicting info from each side of the ocean.

Just curious as to what others' experiences have been.

Edit - these folks:
Not the ones that make the hood struts, etc.
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You have to remember tracking gets funky when your dealing with international shipping, you are talking about 2 different postal services that may not be synced up instantly, and i've also had stuff sit at the International Sort Facility in NY for 3-5 days before it even moved.

That being said I just had amazing customer service with Redline this past month on a steering wheel they did for my daughters car so I would just say be patient, which we all know is hard to do when your wanting parts, but Redline is a pretty good at taking care of stuff.
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