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Shipping time from RedLine Accessories?

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Those of you that have ordered shift boots, etc. from RedLine Accessories - how long did it take to receive? They show they shipped January 11, with expected delivery on the 21st. USPS tracking info and calls to the USPS indicate that the package is either still in Poland, or stuck in customs. Redline's website shows my order status as "received by customer". My contact at RedLine is telling me to be patient and that their tracking shows the package has left Poland. Trying to be patient, but I don't like the fact that I'm getting conflicting info from each side of the ocean.

Just curious as to what others' experiences have been.

Edit - these folks:
Not the ones that make the hood struts, etc.
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Thanks to everyone for the input. I guess only time will tell. They did tell me that if it doesn't show up within a month, they would redo the order and put a tracer on the package. Hopefully it won't come to that.

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Ive had a number of things come from redlne, they always take about 3 weeks and the tracking never works correctly.
You nailed it. Picked my package up at the post office today. 3 weeks and one day after it shipped.

Even though two different usps employees told me that the tracking would pick up once it entered the US, it never did. Even with the package delivered and signed for, the usps tracking still says not trackable.

Anyway, looks great, well worth the wait. I will likely order some more stuff from them at a later date and know what to expect that time.
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