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I basically have the closest thing a "perfect" shifter set up can get at this point on our cars.
There's only one tiny aspect that still needs improvement, though.
That is the tiny few degrees of slop in shifter lever when it is in neutral and centered. This is only in the X (side to side) direction, however.

I've done a brief search, and no results came up; here or otherwise.
Does anyone know if a slightly stiffer spring exists? And by slightly i mean only a minute increase in resistance.

Is the spring even the culprit? Or is it just the limitation of the shifter assembly itself?

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As far as reducing the side to side slop, idk. Mine is still about the same with all my mods. It doesnt really bother me at this point. Maybe i will take a gander and see what i come up with.

Across the large amount of shifter set-ups i have personally had, i had some pretty bad binding that lead to the shifter not going center at all. A little lube and some break in fixed it.
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