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Shift Points?

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This not a street tire or stock tune question. At now four different tracks I have trapped 97-99 mph with the highest gain between the 1/8th and the 1/4 mile being 20.65 mph. It seems to me my car should gain 20-21 mph. But it doesn't seem to matter how fast I run in the 1/8th mile, I still end up with 98-99 trap speed.

I am under the impression that an E30 tuned car should trap around 103 mph, it shouldn't matter if I do the 1/8 at 78, 79 or 80 mph the car should always the same gain.

My car even heat soaked should run 100 mph trap all day.

Shifting at 6,000 seems to work but so does shifting 1-2 at 6000, the rest 5500.

I launch between 4500-4800 depending on track conditions.

This past Wed was best DA to date. My ET were all personal best, but trap remained the same; I'm sure the car would have run 101-103 after being cooled for over an hour but I missed 4th but still went [email protected] mph.

Just trying to see if my car is making the power it should as removing weight is max around 1-1.5 mph increase for all the seats + spare/tool/jack.

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I have a pretty good feeling that between 5500-6000 is going to be right. Time your upshift to get you right right before peak torque. Use the meat of the torque curve.

Another thing you can try is get a garden sprayer and wet the intercooler before the run. I can tell you with certainty your charge temps are going sky high by the end of third gear.
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