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Just got my new shift boot installed from RedlineGoods. Went with 1.5" shorter in black nappa leather, with white and blue stitching. Overall the quality is very good and I would purchase it again. However, when my package arrived it had been completely sliced open (presumably by customs as these ship from Poland) and the leather was slightly nicked. I was actually surprised the boot made it to me with after seeing the state of the packaging. Not a huge deal, and no fault of Redline, but little things like this bother me - I tend to zero in on defects more than the product itself! I ordered it on March 1st and received it March 20th.

Installation went smooth, the hardest part was getting the silver ring off of the factory boot. I ended up using two jewelers screwdrivers to carefully pry it off. Seems like it may snap easily with too much force. After that, I super-glued the boot to the factory base, let it dry, then snapped back on the outside cover.

One note to Boomba short throw users, I'd recommend going for a 1.7" drop in the leather instead of 1.5". To me, it seems the leather does sit rather low and I'm worried about the reveres lockout catching and ripping again, as it did to my factory boot, but time will tell. Pics don't do it justice! It really completes the interior.

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