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Shady window tinter

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Went to go get my windows tinted today, and the place I went to made me feel very uncomfortable. As soon as I walked in they wanted to run my credit card. Their facility was about 50 square feet, and not well maintained. Then they came to see my car, putting their dirty hands all over it. They insisted on removing the spoiler, and mentioned they may not have all he supplies to finish the job. They also said there's a chance they may burn the paint off my car??? I was like what is going on?? Then they forcefully took my keys, and as the shady guy was about to drive away in my car, I made up a story as of why I had to leave. It worked and I hightailed it out of there. What do you guys think, was I overreacting? I've read about a lot of tints on here and I've never heard of having to remove the spoiler. The whole thing seemed off and I felt like I should trust my instincts
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You were absolutely not over reacting. That all sounds very shady, and I wouldn't let someone like that touch my car. Read some reviews online and find a good shop, DO NOT GO BACK!
IMO that's a little pricey. I got 3M Crystalline all around for $50 more. Maybe that's just the price difference, I don't know, but seems a little pricey to me. The tint goes on the inside when complete, but they will lay it on the outside first to get it cut correctly.
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