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Hi all,

My drivers side seat belt will no longer latch, and it appears that the buckle release button is stuck IN. The seat belt light stays OFF thankfully, unless I try to leave the seat belt inside. I've tried to pry the release back up lightly, and attempted to shove the seat belt in a few times but haven't had any luck.

Does anyone know if this can be repaired or will the buckle need to be replaced?


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I couldn't find any information about anyone else experiencing this issue on our cars, so I figured I should contribute what I've found.

I tried every trick I found on the internet but wasn't able to get the buckle releasing properly. I ended up buying a new oem buckle assembly off of eBay. Most dealers have it priced at $60+, the one I bought from eBay was $28.00 shipped. The correct part # for the drivers front buckle is BM5Z5461203BA. This is listed as fitting ANY trim level Focus from 12-14. The passenger buckle is different, but I haven't looked for this number yet.

The installation from me walking out to the car to walking back into the house was 30 minutes.

  • Unbolt the front two bolts (all seat & seat belt bolts use the same size female Torx bolt, I just can't remember which size male Torx socket I used at the moment. It was one of the larger Torx sockets I have).
  • Adjust seat forward to access rear bolts (power seats)
  • Disconnect positive battery terminal (I did this as a precaution, since I've heard stories about airbags releasing unexpectedly, or warning lights staying on).
  • Remove rear two bolts
  • Lift seat and move back a few inches.
  • Lay in front floorboard and tilt seat towards rear to gain access to wiring and connectors beneath.
  • A 7mm bolt holds the electrical block cover on, and a plastic clip on the right holds the block to the seat. Remove block from seat bracket so the backside of the connectors are facing you.
  • The seatbelt buckle connector is held in with small clip that needs to be pressed down, and the connector can be pushed out towards you. (probably don't need to remove front cover, but it helped to push the connector out).
  • There is one plastic clip holding the buckle wiring to the bottom of the seat. I have a tool for these, but a flathead screwdriver or needlenose should work. This won't be re-used, so you can be rough with it.
  • Sit in back seat and tilt seat towards you to gain access to seat belt buckle bolt.
  • Remove seat buckle bolt and wiring.
  • Route wiring for new buckle through hole in seat and bolt new buckle in place.
  • Clip wiring to bottom of seat and route connector back to electrical block. The new connector pushes straight into the back of the block, and it will only go in one way. Clip block onto seat bracket, reinstall block cover.
  • Move seat back into place so the rear holes are lined up. Tighten rear bolts.
  • Reconnect battery.
  • Adjust seat backwards to gain access to front holes. Install front bolts.

I took pictures of most of this, but they are on my wife's phone. I will upload them when I have a chance to get them from her.

My plan next is to see if I can get the original buckle disassembled and repaired. If I can, I will update this thread with those instructions.
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