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SCT x4 data logging help

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I have been configuring my own files with the parameters I want but most of them stay at the same value or move every so often. I have tried selecting different ones but still the same issue, some work but others don't. I also have no DMRs available only PIDs and OBDs. I have tried only logging via laptop without creating the configuration but still won't change the values. I have tried other configuration files people have sent me but only some parameters work correctly. I am currently using version 15 of livelink and my strategy is GMDG15V, it is a 2016 Focus ST. If anybody could help me I'd be so grateful I've been going crazy lately trying to get it to work and spent countless hours in the garage hooked up to the car via the laptop.

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I can't log some DMRs either. Mainly ignition dmrs; SCT is supposed to be working on it, no update yet.
I wish I had knock counts that I could log. Not the end of the world but it would be nice. Got something in the works that will hopefully help out.
I just added more ethanol... There was only a 3.49% correction at E30 so there's more room to add ethanol.

When it doubt add octane...
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