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I recently bought a new 2016 focus st. This car is fun, and me coming from a 1987 mustang 5.0, i have to say was a great choice. I just hit 2500 miles and decided to get a tune, i read on the forums about cobb and sct and decided sct was the way to to. The tune torrie made me is no joke, it completely woke the car up. Im going to the track on wensday so ill do a pass without the tune and with and post my slips.


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If you haven't already, get his e30 tune. No joke!
Ive been on the fence on the corn. I see you're in RR. Where do you get your e85? Are there multiple places near you? Could only find 2 places in Austin.
Yeah I know about mixing. Just kinda turned off by the availability but looks like there's more. I'll check it out. Thanks.
Valero station on corner of 3406 and aw grimes, east of 35.
I thought there were only 2 as well. Turns out many more. Check out website: Alternative Fuels Data Center: Alternative Fueling Station Locator
Also keep in mind the e85 is 70% ethanol. 93 oct is about 10%. Use this website for fuel calculations. Around 3.3 gallons e85 for our cars per full tank.
Ethanol Calculators
Seems like Valero is the place for e85 around here. Also after looking at your link, the places displayed are "alternate fuel locations" most are just electric car hookups. The e85 seems scarce! Do you only run the e30 tune when you want or do you run it all the time ?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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