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Screeching sound

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So about 2 weeks ago I was driving with my windows down and heard a weird sound. Its the same sound that your brakes make when your rotors are warped or when the brakes eat into your rotors. That same screeching sound but not as loud or aggressive, very light. Immediately I thought it was bad rotors and brake pads. Then a couple days ago i was loading my car with groceries and had the car running, I told my wife to give the car some gas and I heard the sound again. I realized then that it was not the brakes because the car was parked and it was still making that sound. I believe that the sound is coming from the turbo itself. Has anyone experience this? Any input would be appreciated.

Car is 2013 st3, bone stock, 37k on the dash. Always ran 93 octane gas.

Ill try to record the sound so it can help a little more.

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I think you have the same sound im experiencing here:
Mine sounded like it was coming from the left front wheel.

This has happend only a handful of times. The dealer could not figure it out. I notice it more after it rains for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Giving it some gas usually gets rid of it. I haven't had it happen in a while now.
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