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Saw the new RS 2 at the dealer $ 50k ? Pros and Cons RS vs ST

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So I was at the dealer and saw the new RS , it looks almost just like the ST minus the larger wing, Inside almost identical, except I have the ST 3

Also talked to one of my buddies that tunes and they have already had it on the dyno, stock on our gas it's only 304 whp even with Cobb stage 2 that's only 320

I already have a Big turbo ST with a lot of upgrades and it makes up to 400 whp and gets 33 mpg on the highway, for a first time buyer out of the box, it is very nice, but compared to the the current ST IDK ? all wheel drive for 50K? that's a lot. I didn't think they would be that expensive, more like in the high 30's at the 50k level. Maybe see how the first year works out for the RS and go from there. Anyone else on the fence with their ST looking at the RS?
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I not sure if it will become a cult or a collectors car here in the states like it did in Europe, will have to wait and see, for almost the same handling other than awd, which is not that usable here in CA and it drops on the gas mileage, I think it's a bit over priced myself, I guess the dealers can over price it and if it sells then people will pay that price. I know I am not buying another 1st year car and having to dump more money into it to make it right. The ST needed a lot of things dealt with, like the crappy squeaking, don't stop brakes they put on them, and the inner cooler that was built for snow not the heat, just to name a few, but I really like it now, it handles great and stops on a dime. I am sticking with my ST, was just kinda of seeing what others thought?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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