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I have bought a Ford Focus ST 2016 250 from my local dealer here I Norway.

The car is a real beauty. But for the last months the rpm have begun to drop when I start the engine.

It goes from 0 (when I press the start button) up to 1400 / 1500 ( even if the car is stored in closed garage with indoor climate), and within seconds it drops down to

500 / 600 rpm. And it sounds like it chokes before it goes back to 900 / 1000rpm. But it almost always swings / dips and it is nearly never still.

My dealer have had the car in about 5 or 6 times to see what it could be – but don’t seems to get it fixed.

They have had the care for a total of 9 weeks now. And now I have told the dealer that I don’t want the car since they can’t the problem fixed.

Their response now is that the car is supposed to behave this way and it is all good, and this is typical for this car.

Any chance you could advise me if this normal for a stock Ford Focus ST 250 2016?


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That reply came when you decided to say you don't want the car anymore and it suddenly become a normal thing for the car.

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THe rpm up high is normal at start. The sudden drop is not normal.
I find my car revs higher for a short time in warm weather.. and longer in cold.
But it is a steady rpm, and drops gradually.
Your dealer is not capable of dealing with it.
Maybe because it is such a rare issue, the mechanic has no clue.
I would demand a regional rep to get involved.
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