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I have a CP-E Rear Motor Mount which I do like but I'm getting annoyed because I have to tighten the bolts on regular basis.
I tightened the bolts a couple months ago after the car started making noise when disengaging the clutch, or even when I started the car.
As I start the car, I hear a fairly loud banging sound because the motor moves and so does the RMM.

I put some red thread locking thingy on every single bolts.
Two bolts I think are not the problem since they are covered by the metal casing and nuts get tightened on top.
The one on the driver side gets loose and so does the big arse one on the bottom, I believe it's the 19mm (socket size) one.

I'm assuming that it's going to happen again, in which case, I'm going to safety wire those two bastards.

Anyone else has a similar issue?
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