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HI all,

I got my hands on a Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump and finally got a chance to use it yesterday and here is a review on my experience with the product.

The short and sweet:
The pump will suit my needs very well and did a great job pumping tires up, I aired down to 30PSI and aired them all back up to 34PSI in a matter of 5 minutes (for all 4). The digital screen allows you to quickly look at the tire pressure real time, no need to remove the nozzle and check with gauge. NOTE: I did check with a gauge just to see if the digital built in gauge was accurate and it was, at least as accurate as my gauge.

Little more in depth:
It is powered by a very long 12V cig lighter cable, I plugged it into the center console 12V and was able to reach all tires with easy, after I was finished was able to very easily coil up the cable and store it in the unit.

It will come in great use at the track to keep a constant air pressure and then before I drive home be able to air all tires back up to "highway driving pressure" or "34PSI". I have an event this weekend and will be testing more there.

I keep it in the trunk and the compact unit can be stored nearly anywhere. It will surely be a handy unit for other road side events but I always hope those uses never come up because of the headache involved, HAHA.

Thanks for reading

Thoughts or questions comment and I can surely answer as accurately as I can.

Here is a link to the unit:

Few pictures of the unit!

Box and carry case

Warranty card
Pattern Design Material property Auto part Metal

Manual - unit is super straight forward but for those that want light reading ;)

cable built into unit
Technology Electronic device Auto part Audio equipment

Bumper Auto part Automotive exterior

Fittings of all kinds
Red Plastic Material property

Under pressure
Alloy wheel Tire Rim Wheel Automotive tire
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