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Rear main seal failure #3

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Well here I am again with another rear main seal leak. Just a quick history, I bought the car in March 2015, in Nov 2015 the first leak was diagnosed and seal replaced under warranty, then I found it leaking again September 2016 and in Nov 2016 it was replaced again under warranty. For the last few weeks I started noticing a fresh oil smell every time I would get out of the car after driving so I checked it this morning and it is leaking again. Not nearly as bad as the prior 2 leaks but I assume it's early in its failure.

The dealership told me last time that there was an update to the installation procedure for the rear main seal and Ford advised them not to use some special pressing tool to install it. They promised this was why it was leaking and stated they ruled out any other causes such as crankcase pressure, or crank problems. At this point I am about done with my ST and with Ford in general. My transmission has also started popping out of 2nd gear within the past few months which seems to be a common issue based on transmission failure thread I found on here. This will require a full trans replacement as I understand they are not serviceable. At this point would it be too much for me to expect a full drive train replacement under warranty? I really don't want to get rid of this car. Despite all of the issues I actually rather like it, and would prefer to avoid the financial burden of having to buy another car after only 2 years.

Input? Suggestions?
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Well that's interesting. Slstomper might just be on to something there. Another thread where the quality of dealership technicians has taken a dump over the years.
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