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So I've made a few prior threads about rear main seal failures and my ST is currently at the dealership for rear main seal #4 but this time I am also getting a new transmission due to 2nd gear pop-out issue. They have never been able to track down the source of what is causing the rear main to fail repeatedly. They have checked all of the crank case ventilation and everything is fine, and also checked the crank itself and there appears to be no damage.

The dealership, and other people I've spoken to, have suggested that the rear main failure could have been caused by the transmission itself by way of vibration from a bearing failure related to the excess metal shavings in the transmission. I know the 2nd gear issue is pretty common but rear main seal failures don't seem to be from what I've seen. Curious if anyone has experienced this, or if this explanation sounds plausible? Really hoping the issue is resolved with this fix I really am trying to do everything I can to keep my ST.
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