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OK folks, tune story incoming.

I posted on my local Facebook car group when I fist bought my FoST. Someone with a performance shop local to me messages me asking if I wanted a free tune. I was wary, and asked around if this guy was legit or not. At the time he had mostly good reviews, people on Facebook seemed to trust him.

So I contacted him back and said sure why not. When I got to his shop he explained that he was going to give me a beta tune for Diablo Sport, who would sometime later that year be releasing the tune for sale. "Sure, why not? I won't get offered a free tune again." was my thinking. He grabbed his Diablo Sport access port and flashed my car.

Everything runs good, power everywhere. I'm happy so far. A year passes and I'm still running the tune without issue. I start to hear reports of blown engines from his tunes, though. Doing research it seemed like all of a sudden people were universally disliking his performance shop, and disliking the owner especially. So naturally I want to go back to stock. I call and get no answer. I try to stop by their shop but it's constantly closed for the day. I call more, still no answer or return call.

Turns out the owner moved to the other side of the state. His shop isn't doing so well since. I can't get in contact, and I'm genuinely worried that his tune could be a time bomb. So I want to go back to stock tune, especially before I get my AP with my new Stratified tune (my understanding is that the ap will remember what the tune is on the car before install, so it can flash back when needed.)

So Yeah, free tunes from strangers can be a bad thing. Don't always trust reviews from your peers, because things can change for the worse over time.

I wonder if I should ask my local Ford dealer to reset my computer...
Maybe I am full of bologna, but I remember reading about how the old accessports did not save the factory original code as a back up by default. They instead used a default ECU code for generic stock cars (which did not have each cars area unique settings or something) or something like that when you needed a reset? Try googling this sort of thing. Might of dreamed all of that up, but it sounds like the direction you should be researching.

To clarify further, the newest accessports, (AP3?) will force the user to make a full back up of their true factory ECU data. This takes a while (which is why it could be bypassed originally) but ensures the customer they can return to true factory. FYI if I am not mistaken when you get your AP3 the backup it makes will actually be your mystery "diablo" tune.

Your problem sounds so frustrating dude, hope this helps even a little. At least once you get your acessport you can run well known/respected OTS tunes.
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