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Here's the breakdown on when I hear it:

1. Does not happen at idle, only when car is in motion
2. I have to be accelerating for it to happen
3. When I release my foot off the acceleration, the sound goes away.
4. Does not happen at high speeds, only in 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd gear
5. Always when I am cold starting, and then it might get better after 15-20 minutes of driving
6. Can hear it more when I turn to the right

I have already read up on other threads about weird sounds from this area and I came to these conclusions, it's either:
A) Wheel Bearing
B) Brake Dust shield touching rotors
C) Bad End Links

What stumps me is how the sound goes away after I take my foot off the gas pedal but the wheel is still in would think the sound would continue.

I inspected the brake dust shield but it didn't seem like it was touching anything. I went ahead and pushed it further away though.

I inspected the end links but they are not broken and I can't shake them to cause any sound out of them.

I took the car into a shop to ask them to diagnose this and they came back with telling me my suspension was shot and the end links needed to be replaced. The car has 80,000 miles on it.

I went ahead and purchased new coilovers (Bilstein B-14's) and with new Whiteline Front and Rear Adjustable Endlinks.

I have yet to install them (hopefully this weekend), but if that doesn't fix it...what else could this be?

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Front end noise that is speed dependent is probably not suspension; I would guess wheel bearing. I've had them make noise only on acceleration in the past.
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