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Hello folks;

We wanted to officially introduce ourselves, we are Raptor Racing and while we are new to sponsoring these forums, we are not new to the automotive performance parts market. For the last 10+ years we’ve played an integral role in supplying older generation Supra owners with performance and factory parts. We are virtually the only source for 2nd Generation Supra performance parts!

Fast Forward some time and you will see that we have applied the same love and dedication we have for old Toyota’s to some a different kind of oval badged cars. We are extremely happy to now fully support The Ford Focus ST, Focus RS and Fiesta ST enthusiast market. It’s been very easy to fall in love with these cars, So much so that we own a ’15 FiST and a ’17 FoRS and have convinced many to purchase one of these fine machines.

Over the last year we’ve been diligently working on our website, expanding our product line and keeping our shelves stocked with parts that are in demand. We did not want to formally introduce ourselves here until we were sure our website reflected our dedication to these platforms.
We want to be your #1 source for parts for these amazing cars and while we know we are not the only supplier of ST/RS parts in Canada we’d like to let you know some of the reason’s to shop with us :

  • We do our best to be as competitively priced as can be, please do keep in mind that many manufacturers now have very strict MAP(Minimum Advertised Pricing) Policies and our posted prices reflect this. Please don’t be shy to contact us if you’ve seen better online prices as we do our best to match and beat others.
  • No brokerage fees, No Custom Fees. ALL parts shipped to Canadian’s ship from Toronto.
  • Free Shipping for Most Orders over $150 to Most of Canada.
  • Most in stock orders can ship within 24hrs, many customers will actually receive their parts less than 24hrs after they place their order.
  • Unlike a lot of our competition our inventory is live and each product shows the quantities in stock. For those that want a general view of what’s in stock check this link.
  • Over the last 10 years we have built many custom parts for Older Toyota that are no longer available or are simply upgrades to factory components: weatherstripping, rubber seals/trim, Suspension bushings/brackets Headers/downpipes/catback, Clutches, Brake kits etc. We hope to take that experience and use it to have our own line of ST/RS products, we have already started with Fiesta ST downpipes and have been testing with it on our personal car for over a year.
  • For parts that aren’t in stock we give a guideline as to how long it will take to get once ordered. If there are any discrepancies you will be notified ASAP.
  • We do NOT drop ship ANYTHING. Everything we ship passes through our hands. We can save a LOT by drop shipping everything, but we believe having accurate inventory is important to our customers and we can’t have accurate inventory if we’re relying on outdated manufacturer inventory.
  • Our website is constantly evolving and our pricing is always up to date. We do our best to include as much information on the products we sell, furthermore we have many of the parts we carry installed on our personal cars, allowing for some extra troubleshooting help if needed! We are receptive to feedback from our customers and are always striving to make the customer experience as intuitive and satisfying as possible.
  • We work hard to carry brands that you can’t get elsewhere in Canada, we keep in stock many Boomba Racing and Velossa Tech Design parts. We just received a VERY large order from Boomba and currently stock hundred of their parts.
  • We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to stock in Canada, even if it’s from a small manufacturer. If you see something you like please post up and let us know.
  • Easy 45 Day returns: No restocking fee for 1st 30 days, 15% restocking fees from day 31-45.

GTA Customers

Our business model focuses on providing our customers with as much information on the site as possible, we currently don’t have plans for a retail location. We strongly believe we can be more competitive and better service the community if we don’t incur this cost.

Our warehouse is not equipped or able to handle customer pickup, we do however at times set up customer meet and greets. This to us is the best part of our business as we get to meet customers in a much more relaxed environment without any pressure for additional sales. GTA customers at times are given refunds due to the shipping saves, feel free to check with us if you can save on the parts you’re looking for.

US Customers
Our US site is up and running, it’s not as polished as the Canadian Site but soon it too will show live inventory and have many of the benefits of the Canadian Site. We are already working on opening a Buffalo warehouse in the near future.
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