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I have a broken mud flap...
I backed into a parking spot and lightly hit the cement stop with my rt rear mudflap. This resulted in the plastic that the mudflap is secured to in the rear valence to break away from the rear valence. This means that there is nothing to mount the mudflap to.
I still have the two plastic pieces as they were attached to the flap with the hardware that came with the flaps. My question is, has this happened to anyone else? I assume that it must have at some point. And if so, what did you do to resolve it?

I am thinking that epoxy might be something that I could use to get the OEM plastic pieces mounted back in place, but what epoxy should I use? I am even thinking of some small angle pieces screwed to the plastic to give it additional support and strength, but I will have to wait until the rains subside, and I can get under the car to do it right, but I am back to what the best epoxy might be???

I am sure that this might not make sense unless it has happened to others, but the tabs that broke off are about 1.5" in from the lip of the wheel well where the mudflaps not the best design.

Thanks and regards,
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