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Sup guys, I'm doing a Rally kings rally in a month. Would appreciate any maintenance tips as I'm kinda stressed out about possibly hurting my car

First, we will be driving 500 miles to the upper peninsula
Second, there will be a track event. Not going to push my car like it's an ST Octane car but still going to have fun
Third, 500 mile trip home

So anyways, after I run a lap should I leave the car on to let it cool naturally? And for how long?
Do I need to add any extra oil? Running Mobil 1 right now
Should I not care because my car is stock-ish and under warranty? (Exhaust, aem filter and sound symposer delete)

Anything helps. I'm a noob. Thanks in advance
I'd watch the underbelly pan, clean the filter maybe once during the trip if your are driving through a lot of dust. Make sure your spare has air. Also I'd let it run for 5-10min if you are driving it super hard.
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