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Looking to get rid of my Aquamist HSF4 system. Rather than dealing with the aggravations of packaging and shipping, I was hoping to do a local deal. I will definitely give you a great price on this. Please PM me if interested. Serious people only!
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did you think to post this in the classified too?? be sure to follow the rules over there tho!
Yeah, that was the plan. I wanted to hit up the local guys first as I hate dealing with shipping.
Why did you give up on finishing the install? Doing another fuel upgrade instead?
Had it working, but kids and wife were mad at me for wasting so much time on the car. Felt bad so I took it out along with some other things. Going to find a new hobby where they can be involved for now. Let's face it, the next step would be a turbo upgrade, and they would freak if I did that... haha. - make an offer people, I gotta get rid of this.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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