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Hi All.

Glad to be apart of the Focus ST crowd. Been eyeing an ST for quite a while now and recently was able to pick up a 2017 Focus ST this past weekend.

I am coming from a G37 Coupe so I am used to having a bit of power. So far, its a pleasant drive.

I had some questions about driving on a standard transmission. This is my first manual car and I am learning as I drive the ST more and more.

-These cars come with a take-off assist feature. If I am using this feature instead of applying my own throttle to take off, am I hurting anything doing so? I live in a ton of hill areas and its been really helpful using Hill-Assist and the take-off feature in tandem.

-Do any of you all have any advice for me being a first time manual driver? I am taking it easy and keeping my revs to a maximum of 4500rpm between shifts.

-What would be the proper procedure to downshift? Clutch in - go into lower gear - blip throttle - and let clutch out? I will work on learning heel-toe as soon as I have successfully mastered the basics of standard transmission driving.

Thanks all for your help!
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