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Hi, I took advantage of the promo going on now and I bought an SCT X4 with two custom tunes. I was wondering how I go about getting the custom tunes for my car? Do I do a datalog using the tuner and then send it to you guys?

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Step one prior to flashing the vehicle I’ll need the vehicle strategy and ECU SWPN read. You will do this in the vehicle info menu then read vehicle info. Write this information down and email it to me. [email protected]

Also send me the mod list, octane fuel used, and device serial number as well, its stamped onto the back of the programmer. Beyond that if you have any files in mind you want us to build or do / not do outline that as well.

This menu allows you to read and clear
diagnostic trouble codes found in the vehicle
PCM. This menu also allows you to read the
vehicle’s strategy for custom tuning. If a
“check engine” light or “service engine soon”
light appears on your dash, you can check
and clear the codes, which should reset the
PCM and remove the lights.

Read Vehicle Info
To read the Vehicle Info for custom tuning or for tech support, select the Vehicle Info sub-menu. You will be prompted to turn the ignition key ON and the device
will automatically read the vehicle strategy. Make a note of the strategy once it
appears and keep for your records.
Read S
Instructions are below :

How to load custom tunes:

Also always return the vehicle back to stock prior to warranty work. If you do not and the PCM strategy or Part number changes and you will need to send the device back into SCT and pay to have it unlocked.

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