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Purchased new wheels Vordoven Forme 8 18x8.5 +35

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Finally pulled the trigger on a set of these wheels.

I am really impressed with the quality and finish of the wheel, I wont be doing any auto-x or drag racing since my FoST is a daily. But for daily driving these will do just fine. I do plan to powder coat the wheels matte bronze.

Wheels do not come in our bolt pattern, but it was re-drilled from Vordoven by using steel insert method.

But most impressive is the costumer service I experienced with them. Jason the general manager went above and beyond the call of duty. By meeting me for payment and pick up after hours, keeping constant communication even during the holiday weekend until I picked up the wheels from their location and explaining the re-drill process and method in detail. Also got them for a really good price even with the re-drill which was very reasonable.

The costumer service experience alone made the purchase well worth it, and I cannot wait to put these wheels on.

I will upload more photos when I have them on.

Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Tire Spoke

Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Spoke Auto part
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Yes exactly. Very few people run them, which was what I was looking for, also the size is perfect even for a lowered car. I have some cup spoilers and Federal Rs-R tires waiting to be put on. ;)
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