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Pulling the trigger on either 2012 or 2013!

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Hey guys, first post in the forums. Need some expert advice, I've already decided I'm going to buy an ST within the next week. Thing is... I'm in Australia, and I've got two potential ST's I'm looking at grabbing. Both similar in price, however one is a 2012 model with 50,000km (31000m) and the other is a 2013 with 64,000km (39000m). I'm confident I can knock off around $1500 on the 2012, but a 2013 obviously trades slightly better in a few years. The real question, is there any real difference between the 2012 and 2013 models? I understand the Aussie models are different from the US, but was anything worthwhile updated/upgraded over the year? All I can seem to find, is that the 2013 includes the electric drivers seat, not really a war stopper. What would you personally purchase? Keeping in mind the price difference will only be in the range of $2000 ($1500USD). Oh, and both are Tangerine Scream of course. Cheers
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'12 was first year of Mk3 in most of the world (including Australia).
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