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Riding a desk for most of the past 20 years has not been good for me, so it was time to try to get a little healthier.
I've been looking into getting back into bike riding for the past couple of months, mostly to try to get the range of motion back into my 56 year old hips, knees, and ankles.
I've always been into BMX and Freestyle bikes since I was a teenager, and I've never felt 100% comfortable on a larger bike, even though a mountain bike makes much more sense for me.
First, a little back-story. I grew up (sort-of) on one of these:
Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle wheel

A Huffy Pro Thunder 3 that I got for my 15th birthday. This one's not mine--I found this picture online, but this is the one! My Dad took me to the Ames Department Store and said "pick one out for your birthday". We didn't have much growing-up, so this was a pretty big deal, and a pretty major expense for my family.
White steel frame and fork, red alloy rims, and red trim, and heavy as hell. This was my pride and joy all through high school, and I swear, I must have put 10,000 miles on this thing.
This bike is where I started, as far as modding goes. As I got a little extra cash, it went towards modding the Huffy. I eventually swapped out the crank set for a red chromoly set, some alloy platform pedals, converted the coaster brake to freewheel, added a better brake setup, a set of aluminum handle bars, which took a ton of weight off of the front of the bike, and an ACS alloy stem. At one point, I also sanded the frame and fork down and sprayed them gloss black with fresh set of decals that I ordered directly from Huffy. Remember, this was the early to mid-eighties, long before Al Gore "invented" the Internet; to get the sticker set, I had to write a letter and mail it to Huffy and ask them to mail them to me.
So anyway, I was doing some browsing of the bike companies that I admired back in the day, but could never afford: GT Bikes, SE Bikes, Redline, and especially Haro. Haro was always the one, mostly because of their freestyle offerings--they practically invented the dedicated freestyle bike. I knew that I wanted something fairly light, which drew me to their "race" bikes, and the Annex Pro in particular. Annex Pro - Haro Bikes
Great style, decent components, and with an all-aluminum frame and chromoly fork and bars, it only weighs just over 23 pounds. I'm pretty sure that the Huffy was close to 35 pounds, and that was fairly light for what it was.
I did some back and forth over the course of about 2 months, and then one day I got a notification that Planet BMX was having a closeout sale on their remaining Annex Pros for $120 off of their regular price, with free shipping. I talked it over with my girlfriend, and since I was pretty much done with modding the ST, she said to go for it, if it was something that I was passionate about.
Welcome to Project: Questionable Judgement
To be honest, I would have probably preferred the black one, but the Matte Green is pretty awesome. Yeah, it's a bit ridiculous that a grown-ass man is riding a 20" BMX bike!
Shipping box Wood Rectangle Plant Asphalt

Outdoor furniture Grass Rectangle Wood Bicycle handlebar

Initial assembly:

Bicycle Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame

Assembled and fitted with an old school Flite Urban Camo pad set and EVH-inspired grip donuts
Bicycle Tire Wheel Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

Bicycle Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle handlebar Wheel

Next installment: Let the mods begin!!!

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This makes me miss the mountain bike I had growing up!
It was just a cheaper Canadian Tire model, 26" frame, 18 speed, no suspension ect... but for many years it was my sole mode of transportation. I took it everywhere: Skate park, dirt bike pits, side of the highway; In any conditions; sunshine, rain, snow and ice. For the amount that I rode and how many times I wrecked or was hit or hit stuff lol, I never wore a helmet or seriously injured myself.
The more mature me wouldn't let this fly.

Its ironic that because I have a physically demanding job that I'm still fit enough to ride, but I wouldn't want to risk injuring myself and doubt I would have the time/energy to commute to work and work my regular shifts. The price of gas does almost make this sound appealing though.

Hope you recapture some of the magic (y)

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As an avid cyclist for the last 40 years, go for it! I'm Still riding my 1986 Cannondale road bike (Made in USA) and had several MT. Bikes
Please wear a helmet, I'm here today because I wore a helmet, I hit a rock on a trail and flew over the handles bars and landed on my left shoulder and head.
broken clavicle and separated shoulder.

Ride On!!
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Should be some fun! Some of those old bmw bikes have gone up in value as other want to re-buy them for the nostalgia. I had held on to mine throughout college and then a buddy borrowed it to ride home and got it stolen...that was probably 10+years ago now and I still miss it. I don't even want to guess how many miles I put on that thing.

Essentially this one (I didn't have that sprocket and I had curved powerlite habdle bars on it but same frame/graphics.) Pretty sure it was a '94:
I kept looking out for it and would have stolen it back if I ever saw it out, it was distinct and no one else would have the combo lol
Browsing eBay and looking at sold prices, some have gone for over $1k.

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I never would have thought about wearing a helmet 40 years ago, but I have one now and am planning on wearing it whenever I ride. Too many idiots on cell phones these days, plus I know I'm not as sharp as I was back then; maybe too many crashes without a helmet?
The old saying "just like riding a bike" holds true; I hadn't been on a bike of any kind for probably 25 years, but I hopped right on and away I went.

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Well, that escalated quickly.
So, my initial thoughts.
1) This bike is LIGHT--holy crap!
2) The frame is TINY, especially compared to the Huffy, but it fits me just fine; I'm 5'8"
3) The stock seat/post combo is way too small. Probably just fine for the intended purpose of this bike, but I'm looking for more of a comfortable, stylish cruiser than an all-out race/trick machine. Haro's website says it's a Pivotal, but it's not. Longer Pivotal (330mm) seat post from Gusset and an Haro Fatty seat are here
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Automotive exterior Luggage and bags

4) The 8" rise bars are shorter than I'd like--new S&M Elevenz are here. Three-inch taller rise feels great
Automotive exterior Bicycle part Gas Auto part Composite material

5) A new set of Haro Flanged Team grips to go on the new bars. For 10 bucks, it wasn't worth struggling to get the originals off of the stock bars.
6) Brakes are changed out from the black stockers to a set of blue Box Three units. The braking power of theses cantilever-style brakes is just astonishing compared to the old-style from way back when. Going to go with some blue accents to go with the graphics.
Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Bicycle tire Sunglasses Bicycle handlebar Textile

7) Old School Haro Fusion alloy box pedals installed, blue of course. The blue is different from the Box components' but will be just fine.
Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Automotive wheel system

8) In keeping with the old school theme, I had to have a Haro Series 1B number plate, similar to the one that I had on the Huffy. Of course, there will be stickers!
Brown Rectangle Beige Material property Font

Rectangle Packing materials Gas Scale Font

My Triple8 Tony Hawk Signature dual certified helmet arrived yesterday, so I'll probably ride to work on Tuesday.
Next up is a lay-back seat post to see if I can back over the rear wheel a bit more, along with a gel seat cover to get a little more padding while seated.
I'm also going to see if I can do something with the Haro graphics on the down tube; stockers look kind of boring, so I'm going to try some vinyl.
Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Wheel Tire Crankset

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Sweet! I still remember my first BMX. This but a yellow frame and black wheels. I went everywhere on it!
Bicycle Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Wheel Tire Bicycle wheel

@EVH don't discount the idea of getting a dirt jump bike. They're essentially BMXs but a bit bigger..

So long as you ride it's all good!

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Man this brought me back to when I was a kid and would ride my BMX bike down my grandparent's long steep driveway and perform some sweet skids.

Love the green and mods!

I've recently gotten into road biking, and I try to commute into work via bicycle 2-3 times a week.

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I hate bicycles! No matter which way I'm going the wind is always in my face! Stupid air!
Doesn't matter if you're screaming (literally and figuratively) downhill on a full squish MTB with more suspension travel than an 80s CAn-AM dirtbike...

I am, however, too old for this kind of foolishness anymore and travel on far more sedate trails... 😁 Fun to watch though.

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