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I have a '13 with the 2.0EB. Many Escapes are the smaller 1.6l EB with the stack of recalls.

I also would like a tune. However with the auto trans much of the nonsense from the stock ST tune is covered up. I'd also consider a tune, but I tow with mine at or near the max trailer and max CGVWR. Knowing that my towing is much more likely to cause me to have to need a warranty claim on the engine or trans, I'm pretty paranoid. With 33k and over 5k towing, so far everything is good. Except for two short downhills, I was "on boost" for almost two hours continuously towing on the expressway once. I'm sure I "need" an intercooler more than anything, but I'm paranoid Ford will just point at it and blame me if I have a problem.

I ran a 15.35 in the 1/4 at 2100 DA all stock. At 3827# actual weight that day, it add up that then engine is within a handful of HP of an ST. In fact my same day, same scale, same track results put my ST at just over 240 HP at the wheels and the Escape at just over 250 HP. Of course there is no way to correlate "same launch, same shifting" between an AWD auto and a FWD stick and backtracking apps don't consider it. The point is the Escape has to make very close to the same power.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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