The firehawks are shot, like really. They'll hold air, just been using as rollers while doing wheel work.

They need a good cleaning, but do shine up well. Forgive me. I've had so much on my plate, just got into a new house.

18" premiums in overall good condition, there is a 4 inch rash on 1 of the wheels and a scuff on another from a kayak falling on it, will detail in photos. Other 2 are free of any actual user damage, just a mark or chip from road debris and 60k miles. Wheels are totally straight, balance out.

Upgraded Metal valve stems that work with factory tpms that remains in each wheel and are all working. I found these necessary after putting on the firehawks at 245/35, kept blowing rubber ones, haven't had an issue since.

Also, aluminum black on black knurled valve caps with red "ST" logo. CJPP sourced.

4x Genuine Ford Performance Center Caps, these boogers are expensive. Can provide boxes/receipt. They have Ford part number on them, not knockoffs.

20x Red anodized, splinned gorilla lugs, with key that's heat shrinked since used, barrels of wheels are untouched from tooling mares.

About as setup as you can get on an oem wheel, all the bells and whistles :p.

Will throw in 4x factory ford blue center caps that were taken off early look brand new.

Prefer local pickup, willing to drive halfway to meet anywhere in FL.

If you want them shipped, you'll need to pay for costs associated, which I'd think it be a lot more economical to dismount the tires to do so... local preferred.

Traveling from Melbourne, FL to Chillicote, IL may 25th by car. Could arrange a drop/meet but you'd need to meet pretty direct on my path as gotta make time and 19 hour drive.

Please follow up for any detailed questions/pictures etc.

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Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

metal valve stem/ST cap, they were black, heat/brake dust? Has seasoned them.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

Center caps, no marking on any of them:
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kayak scuffed wheel:
Tire Wheel Car Automotive tire Automotive lighting

From afar:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

magically curbed after Ford had for 43 days wheel:
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