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Powerflex Bushing Install Services

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Wanted to start a thread on this, as we've been servicing quite a few control arms lately. This is something we offer to folks wanting to install upgraded polyurethane bushings, but don't have the tools or capabilities to swap the bushings themselves.

We've got a couple options here:

  • The most cost effective would be to send in your existing control arms for service (as long as they are in rebuildable condition).
  • Alternatively we can also sell new control arms and swap out the bushings and send them direct to you. Obviously this costs more, but there's no real downtime of sending in your arms and then waiting for them to come back.

Service costs generally range around $75-100 to do a pair of arms, depending on the arms and bushings. This is plus the cost of the bushings themselves and shipping.

A little side note, we tend to only service OE arms vs aftermarket arms, as we've seen lots of issues with low cost aftermarket arms. This mainly pertains to just the front lower control arms.

If you're interested, slide all up in our DMs for a quote. If you'd just like some sweet bushings, those can be found here: Search: 57 results found for "focus powerflex" – Damond Motorsports

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Didn’t realise you chaps in the States got Powerflex bushes, small world isn’t it? 😆
Yeah, they're pretty well setup here in the US. They have their own US warehouse/distribution via "Powerflex USA"

We can do other bushings too like Whiteline and SuperPro, but I tend to prefer Powerflex cause of the design, quality, and lifetime warranty.
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Sure now you offer this. Bought a 12 ton press to do mine.

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lol. we've actually been doing this for a few years now. Just never really advertised it.

But that press will sure come in handy when you need it!
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That first set looks like it's going on something fast 👀
Yeah a customer's ST who is going towards a more track focused setup. He also purchased some fully assembled RS knuckles with extended wheel studs from us as well.

Are the front control arms the same between the FoST and FoRS? Would you be able to swap out the ball joints only, instead of having to purchase a full control arm off an RS to incorporate the RS knuckle?
Yup! That's exactly what's going on in that first photo. We can source and swap ball joints as well, including RS specific ones which offset the joint forward, adding some desirable positive caster.
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