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Evening everyone!

I am being tuned by justin over at freektune. I got my basemap and my first revision from him already. I sent out my
data logs for the second revision, and I got a reply from him saying there "may" be a potential boost leak coming from the
BOV. (I installed a turbosmart dual port BOV, it was a pain to put it). I have data logs if anyone wants to take a look but I don't
know how much boost I am suppose to be running with that revision. Max I hit is 19psi, on a good WOT run. Usually around 18. Data logs show
during a 3rd WOT run 3k rpm, I hit 18, during half of it and it slowly starts dropping to about 16psi as I approach 6K rpm.

I can take out the bov again and try again to reinstall it, making sure everything is properly fitted. But otherwise, I have no idea
what this can be. The bov was installed from the beginning, when I got my base map and my first revision, so I dont see why it be an
issue now. Then again, I am no tuner, so I don't know everything about numbers.

Anyone experience similar issues? or is this not an issue at all?
Did you talk to Justin about this? Probably a good first step. Make sure he isn't putting you at those numbers. There is totally a possibility that he could have you turned down a little bit until a few revisions or something. Definitely check the BOV and all the lines.
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