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Pepper's Totals
543 runs total, 393 runs so far in 2019... 52 runs on 3rd set of RE-71Rs, 137 runs on the OEM 240 treadwear Goodyear Eagle F1s and 143 runs on 2nd set of Bridgestone RE-71Rs and 79 runs on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S and 21 runs on Bridgestone RE780AS and 23 runs on scrap RE-71Rs
[second set of RE-71R tires retired after 143 runs!!]
[first set of RE-71R tires retired after my 88 + Hoffmaw's 16 runs = 104 runs]
[scrap set of RE-71R tires that came on a set of OZ rims retired after 23 runs]
$4.52 per run in entry & membership fees for 2019 season
18116 miles on odometer (~1300 miles are not related to autocrosses)
27.2 mpg for 2019 season

My final weekend of autocross for the season. The weather warmed up a bit and was pretty decent after a frosty week. It's getting to be too cold & dark & rainy for wanting to attend any more. Typical of Bridge City Autosports, Saturday was a two course practice session and Sunday was a single course competition day.

More tire experiments, where I ran on the very tired 255s in the 48-52F morning and the half dead 245s in the 57-60F afternoon. The 245s slide just a touch more in sustained corners, but I seemed to do about equally well with either set. Top PAX on the shorter morning course by 0.091 seconds of 59 people and third PAX in the afternoon by 0.158 seconds of 52 people. Not really sure why 7 people didn't bother with the afternoon session after paying for the whole day.

Started out doing okay, but then kind of fizzled around the 5th run. I think the over-140 run Bridgestone RE-71R tires were giving up, especially that right front tire on a course that was mostly putting wear there. Plus I was overcharging one of the early corners and would end up a smidge wide... a rare situation where you should not add throttle exiting a 100-degree corner because you had to turn back the other way and pinched the next corner badly if you went wide. If I had it to do over... LOL.

It's been good having a buddy who can actually challenge me in superclass with his FoRS. We're the same age and this is only his second year (and third car!) for autocrossing. This was his first weekend to beat me at BCA while we swapped wins a couple times in SCCA. The difference is BCA gives more official runs (6-9 runs), so I could use my experience to eke out a little more in the later runs where I don't always get it done in 3.

Official results

2nd of 3 in S3 superclass (DS, GS, HS)
2nd of 46 in PAX
11th of 46 in raw time
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