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Planted tank build

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As always, it starts on paper, normally a napkin but this time I stepped it up to paper...

Blue Drawing Sketch Text Wood

Drawing Sketch Text Wall Line

Drawing Sketch Line Wood Visual arts

The wrap around piece will be on casters so i can roll it out of the way for maintenance.

Room Property Floor Hardwood Wall

The Spot.

Tree Table Roof Furniture Technology

The shop.

Table Furniture Wood Room

The mock up special.

Property Hearth Room Fireplace House

Property Room House Furniture Window

Dunn Deal.

Next up is the wrap around thingy.

Cool video of my reef tank, not for the faint of heart if'n you like bristle worms.

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Green Blue Turquoise Aqua Teal

I had this idea to add a animated shimmering effect in the space behind the tanks frosted glass film I added using RGB LED light strips, shiny fabric and fans (used to cool the canopy lights) making the fabric dance. No idea if it would work but everything showed up today and I did a beta test and it turned out better than expected. Once the outer panel is built it's all enclosed (In-Wall) it should be a cool looking adjustable background.

Technology Screen Electronic device Aquarium Glass

Green Blue Light Turquoise Aquarium

I was actually mesmerized watching the light show from under the table. My wife was worried that I was under the table actually being mesmerized.

I do have some other builds going on as well and now that the weather is getting cooler I'll get Linky back on-top...

Motor vehicle Auto part Engine Vehicle Automotive exterior

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Awesome man.

Oh, and your shrimp as gangsta as ****.
Drawing Sketch Illustration Art

Track setup for the platform from hell...

Table Furniture Games Desk

Platform from hell (our first fish!).

Standing Leg Table Furniture Balance


Table Aquarium Furniture Glass

It also doubles as the best seat in the house!

These guys are waiting for me to get this new larger tank built...

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Technology Screen Electronic device Personal computer Laptop

Gravel holders do wonders for building slopes.

Rock Aquarium Lighting Geology Sky

I filled up 20 pairs of Knee highs with lava rocks to help with the extreme slopes as well as to keep the large rocks and substrate in place. I had some pagoda rocks on hand and started to move them around and then it happened... I jumped the temple shark!


It took me a long time to get it where I didn't hate it.

Lighting Fictional character

Cuisine Vegetarian food Food Dish Bowl

Freshwater aquarium Aquatic plant Aquarium Rock Plant

Blue Tree Still life photography Plant Acrylic paint

Vegetation Rock Wall Ruins Plant

Rock Sky Natural landscape Wilderness Aquarium

Sunlight Landscape Soil

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Have you ever tried he dry start method for the HC? Takes a little more patience, but well worth it. Beautiful job on the scape, nice choice of rocks too!!

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Thanks, I think it came out well and I like it more and more as it grows in a bit. I almost dry started this one but decided against it since it's been cold and would be hard to keep the humidity up to par but it does have it's pros for sure when conditions are right. I went with Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' for the lower carpet since it's a bit more forgiving then HC but mainly because my friend gave me a jumbo zip-loc bag full of it that was already established growing immersed. I'm 7 days in and all is well, just waiting for the impending diatom storm.


Crank it!

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That is pretty killer... and I've never had a tank
That is pretty killer... and I've never had a tank
Its a commitment, and Phokey is doing custom builds and such which is quite awesome. I miss having a sweet tank, but it doesnt suit my lifestyle right now. Set it, and forget it. Its a huge deal to move a tank over 50 gallons.

Phokey is kicking ass, I love this thread.
Thanks for the props.

Room Bathroom Plumbing fixture Interior design Building

Wall Wood Wood stain Hardwood Room

Room Property Aquarium Furniture Interior design

Aquarium Freshwater aquarium Room Aquarium lighting

Freshwater aquarium Aquarium Aquarium decor Aquatic plant Terrestrial plant

Nature Vegetation Green Natural landscape Natural environment

Nature Vegetation Nature reserve Natural landscape Tree

Things are growing well, take a trip inside...

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Black Water Black-and-white Rock Monochrome photography

Art Varnt Gaurd Dee.

Wood Tile Plywood Room Floor

First coat.

Nature Vegetation Painting Tree Plant

Leaf Plant Botany Tree Organism

Organism Plant Fish Underwater Wildlife

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