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Pennsylvania Radar Detector users

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I'm trying to see if it would be worth my money to upgrade to a good detector (9800xi, Max2, Max360, etc) and the one I am looking the hardest into for my budget is the 9800xi. Anyone have it or another detector in PA that can attest for it being a good investment? I've heard that PA is one of the most useless states to use one in due to a large amount of Laser guns being used.

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Waste of money. I typically drive 10mph over and can't tell you the last time was I was pulled over for speeding, in probably 8 different states. Police are usually looking for 15 and over. I save my fast driving for the road coarse.

I did look into the jamming systems recently and all the research I found showed they were useless and in some cased increased the useable distance of the police radar.
No one mentioned RADAR jamming in this thread if you actually take the time to read through it. Good for you being a good citizen and all. Props and mad respect.
Don't get your panties in a bunch Felicia. Just posting my opinion like you did. Regardless if its radar or laser jamming my opinion is its a waste of money.

Maybe I should be a bad boy like you and spend a bunch of money to drive a few mph faster than everyone else.
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1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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