1. Peirce 6 Point Front Brace
2. Steada Front Shock Tower Brace
3.Brembo GT Front Brake Kit
4.Miishmoto Oil Cooler
5.JBR ADJ Camber And Toe Arms
Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Wheel

6.TB Swaybar ADJ links Front And Rear
7.Boomba Front Brake Cooling Ducts
8.TTR Passenger Side Motor Mount
9.Steada Transmission Mount
10.Stock Struts and Springs & Rear Shocks Less Than 1k Miles Take Off
11. Stock Clutch and Flywheel & Throwout Bearing. Less Than 1k Miles Take Off

This is a package deal offer until it is not. Then I will be open to bids on individual parts. Buyer pays shipping.