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I purchased a 2014 ST with 62k miles a few weeks back. Over the past week I've been getting the code P0443 which is turns on for about 24 hours, then goes away for 24 hours, and repeats. This does not affect drive-ability at all. The dealership I bought the car from is 2 hours away without traffic so I'm trying to determine how serious this is before find the time to take it back.

Using the search feature I found one other instance of this code which resulted in a connection accidentally left unplugged after the wiring harness recall. I think my might have the same problem but I'm not sure which plug they're referring to. Poking around the engine bay I don't see a plug left undone, but it's packed pretty tightly so I might be missing it! Could someone point me in the right direction?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks everybody!
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