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After much reading and youtube videos and comparing prices v quality v performance improvements, I have gathered a list of the mods I want to do on my car, for everyday use and the occasional drag/track use. I'm not too crazy serious about it, but please let me know what other things I should keep in mind.(List of order is sensitive due to money.)

Injen Intake(could possibly just go w AEM Filter + RS lid for sound(until I upgrade intake when it actually makes a difference))
Mountune Sound Symposer Delete
Boomba BOV
Boomba Ultimate Short Shift Package
CP-E Rear Motor Mount(is only one needed? Is there a Front Motor Mount?)
Steeda Rear Sway Bar(it is my understanding that for the Stock FWB, all that's truly needed is rear)
Boomba Oil Catch Can
CP-E Front Mount Intercooler
Cobb AP v3

After all these, then i'll start looking to upgrade suspension(which I've yet to study and research)
turbo kit, and catback.

I know tires is a must, but also have no knowledge of it whatsoever!

Any and all feedback is welcome!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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