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Hey man, it's been a while. I was wondering if I can just bypass the coolant line to the oil cooler instead?
Or you have any reference for the oil filter housing parts number that will fit this use?
I'm quite interested to get an oil cooler to solve the overheating problem.
I'm currently working on getting the diy radiator shroud to replace the stock ones and also the grill shutter shroud and a tiny 6" push radiator fan just behind the crash bar. I guess it's some cheap mods to see if it helps with the cooling..
Just checking in to see where you're at. Keeping thengine cool under heavy loads is important to me.

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I was wondering if anyone had tried something similar?
I'm running a stage 3 tune on my 2013 Focus ST. I had no trouble driving it normally but the coolant temp can get to boiling temperature on a relatively fast faced drive, but cools down quickly when I go easy on the throttle.
I've had overheating problems during track days when I was still running stage 1 tune and hardware. After a FMIC, exhaust, and stage 3 tune, it seems to overheats even during mountain runs which never happened to me before.

So i was looking for solution to this overheating problem.
1. cutting out the grille wasnt going to work for my car, ASDM model, the number plate holder is molded in as part of the grille. Unless I would buy a ASDM grille for this.
2. Grill shutter had its fins ripped off.
3. Oil cooler, one possible way to tackle this.
4. Adding 2 extra slim rad fans on top of the intercooler to push air into the radiator?

Any other suggestions?
HI! I have same problem. Did you find a solution?
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