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Hey all,
I’m reaching out to all Massachusetts ST owners with a question. Have any of you used Bren tuning for a dyno tune for your ST? They offer a full dyno tune for $500, with some good discounts around this time of year, they recently ran a Black Friday promotion for $300.

They are a COBB tuner and very well known in the WRX/GTI/Moto world, but I can’t find any info about how they do with STs. I’ve heard nothing but good things from WRX owners that I know.

I did a trial run and had them install my downpipe and chassis bracing and I was very satisfied with the way they work. The shop was extremely clean, and gave me a really good feeling.

I currently run a strat flash tune with a datalog, but I would like to upgrade to a real dyno tune next year when winter ends. Any opinions?
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