Up for sale is the ultimate OEM RS complete intake upgrade for your ST! These intakes are becoming hard to find as certain factory OEM parts are becoming discontinued or unavailable through the supply chain.

Everything you need to run this intake on your ST is included, it's a straight bolt on:

Bundle includes:
Slightly used stock OEM RS intake tubes (includes upper & lower section), slightly used OEM RS airbox, slightly used Mountune High Flow filter & Mountune high flow induction hose (BLK), plus a NEW Spectre silicone coupler for the turbo connection (3" - 2.5"). I will also include some 1.5mm thick fiberglass backed heat reflective material and gold heat reflective tape for the bottom of the tubes. The plastic tubing on the RS intake offers better heat resistant properties vs. the aluminum aftermarket options leading to cooler, denser air charge getting to the turbo for increased efficiency.

This is a high flow 3" oval tube design vs.the restrictive flat pancake ST design (see pic below).

RS upper intake tube Part Number: G1FZ-9C623-A ($169.50 - FordPartsGiant or Tasca)
RS lower intake tube Part Number: G1FZ-9C623-B ($92.32 - FordPartsGiant or Tasca)
RS Airbox ($103 - Tasca)
Mountune High Flow Filter - 2363-AF-AA ($87 - Mountune)
Mountune Induction Hose Silicone Elbow - 2536-IH ($69 - Mountune)
Spectre 3" to 2.5" Silicone Reducer ($15 - Amazon)

(FYI, the lower intake tube section (G1FZ-9C623-B) is no longer available from Ford (discontinued) or Tasca and FordPartsGiant shows some inventory for $92.32 + $41 shipping!!).

A. Item for sale/trade : OEM RS upper & lower intake tubes with airbox, filter, elbow & reducer.
B. Condition: Used
C. Price/What you want to trade for: $325 shipped USA
D. Location of item: Louisville,KY

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