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O2 Sensors Not Ready

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Hopefully I am putting this in the right spot. My 2013 ST is due for emissions testing and has been rejected 4 times now for the O2 sensors not showing "ready". The first time I had a 3 inch catted downpipe, tune, CAI, exhaust, intake spacer, catch can and intercooler. After getting rejected I assumes it must have been the tune, so I pulled that. Drove for 14 days same problem. So I took the downpipe off and replaced it with a Magnaflow OEM flow downpipe and 2 new O2 sensors just to be on the safe side. Drove for 14 days, rejected again. So now my car has nothing but the intercooler and the Magnaflow downpipe on it, every other part mentioned above and the tune have all been removed. I have driven the car for 14 days and every sensor is ready except for the 2 O2 sensors AGAIN. Is anyone having these types of issues passing emissions? I am at a loss for what to do. My only option now is to buy the stock DP, intercooler, and AGS system and put the car completely back to stock and take it to Ford. Unless someone has any insights as to something I am missing? Thanks for any help or advice.
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switch to stage 2 cobb tune and use a defouler on ur o2 sensor that worked for me with a cp-e high flow catted dp
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