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SO, after finding out my catless DP had a flange that was too small for the stock vband (it was leaking, believe me). This caused my wideband O2 to give all sorts of errors like open circuit and high voltage etc. Thus my AP would have the AFR freeze and i had to stop driving the car. This was a Stage 3 tune. So maybe the sensor was bad from when i first installed the downpipe because it might have been ignored.

Now the stock cat is back on and its now saying the heater circuit on the post-cat O2 is shorting. The funny thing however (and i don't know much about emissions) is now the wide-band has no more codes for it but the AFR is still stuck. I'm now on a Cobb stage 2 tune. I reset the ECU, let the car warm up, nothing. The sensors on these cars are super fragile in my opinion.

Does it ever end lol? I have a new Wide band O2 coming in tomorrow and i'm just going to have the dealer fix it. I'm done with doing that crap, you have to drop the DP every time or have a special set of tools for it.

Anything i should check for beforehand. The fuse looked fine, but my multi-meter broke so i couldn't test it. But you'd think it would go out along with the crankshaft position sensor and whatever else is linked to the O2 heater fuse, which didn't. So i'm kind of at a loss here.
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