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Not all dealerships are bad...even the "bad" ones?

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My local Ford dealership has a rep that is 50/50. Their service and communication is awful and lacking depending on who you speak to (small town and small dealer), but they are known for some of the best bodywork available to some. Some rumors of bad paint matching circulate also, but being a Ford dealer I knew they would get it right and took my car there after my aunt backed into me. Took 4 days to replace my front left fender which was destroyed. Got the car back and immediately inspected it in the dark. Everything looked fine and nicely washed and tire shined. Next morning in the light I inspected it again. Paint matched perfectly and was perfectly lined up.

My 3 concerns/questions:
1- Where is the 130 dollars I was supposed to get to repair my summer wheel that was damaged? (Switched to Winter setup so I was receiving a check for this to do myself)
2- Why was there a $25 charge for a headlight bulb on my invoice? (I didn't pay for it so who cares...but was it mishandled?)
3- The guy who washed the car carelessly grabbed a dirty rag to dry the car OR used a buffer and the car wasn't washed perfectly. Brand new part with 1 day old paint is swirled. You can see the swirls go from the door straight to the fender perfectly.

Answers given:
1- In the mail. All there is to it, should get it today.
2- The manager didn't take the headlight out, so he says the bulb honestly could have been dropped. If not, then it just was out and replaced as part of the "removal process" and charged to the insurance company (aunt's insurance company). All-in-all no damage to the headlight housing, therefore I don't care.
3- The manager immediately explained the exact process that the drying and buffing takes place and told me they would have gone from the rear forward, which explains the easy to see trail of swirls from my door to the fender. He believes dirt from the door simply got on the buffer head and swirled it. Apologized and asked that if I can deal/live with it through winter give the paint 30/60 days to cure and call him personally in the spring and I get a polish/wash/wax on the house for the mistake. Awesome. No complaints on how it was handled.

I am sharing this because lately there has been a lot of issues with Dealerships crapping on us little guys who pay them and drive their I figured I'd share my flawed, but positive story. Happy with the outcome despite a few bumps.
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I'd make sure the order is wash, polish, wax or you will get more lovely swirls!
Haha, you're correct. That wouldn't net very good progress.
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