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Seemed like it might be fun to log my car adventures, so here goes.
Progress will be slow; car parts are expensive and being alive, so I can actually drive my baby, is more imporant. I'll update the list as more things get bolted on.
Pictures later.

Winter is over and fun driving can finally resume! I upgraded my stock intercooler with a 3.5" DepoRacing and flashed a tune from Stratified afterwards. The intercooler install went well, took about 4 hours with my old man in his garage. After the exhaust and the intercooler, I don't think there's much else I'm going to touch on the enginebay area.
As a side note, the tune from! That's the "thrown back in my seat" feel I was looking for. Top notch stuff, there.

I custom ordered some badges with a Ho-kago Tea Time logo on them and some black ST badge inlays. Starting to see the Black/White color scheme I'm going for come through and it's real exciting.

Going to get her detailed soon and I'll finally have some quality pictures to post (I swear)!

I solidified some designs for a wrap I'm going to put on the wing and mirror caps, should be getting that done in a few weeks. In preparation, I installed the Boomba wing risers with a friend and she's got a little more of a mean look going on (she's all bark, no bite~). Probably going to be a delay in mods after the wrap while I save for some Enkei Kojins (hype as hell). Later tater~!

2017 Oxford White Focus ST1
Mod List (In Order of Install)

Green High Flow Airfilter
MBRP Catback Exhaust
Depo Racing 3.5" Intercooler
Stratified 93 Tune/COBB Accessport

JBR Armor Mudflaps (Black)
Symposer Delete
Custom HTT Emblem Overlays
Black ST Badge Inlays
Boomba Wing Risers (Black)

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welcome to the forums and modding addiction.
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