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New here as I have a problem with a car I just purchased.
The EML light is on in the car and I assumed it was an o2 sensor so it was renewed. Once it never worked I done some more investigating and it turns out the cat has been removed and the hole where the second o2 sensor goes is blocked off with the plug just dangling.

I have a couple of questions.

1/ Should the plug that is in the o2 sensor hole come out?

2/ Can anyone recommend the correct defouler to use to take the light off

3/ If a defouler is put in with an o2 sensor will the car fail an mot due to no cat?

I should note the car drives great so I am assuming the car has been previously remapped

Thanks for help

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Ummmm. It looks to be broken off.
Take a picture of what's hanging down.

Also thanks an aftermarket performance exhaust from the tag
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